Belize GDP (Gross Domestic Product) 3rd Quarter Statistics

Presentation of the Statistics of Gross Domestic Product – GDP of Belize in 3rd Quarter this year. As you can see from the presentation the results from the statistics point to increase of the GDP of Belize in the last three years. A remarkable factor that added to the GDP of Belize is the gambling industry that has seen a rise in prominence in the previous year. Many foreign operated businesses have migrated their operations to our country, and it comes as no surprise that many Belizeans have taken up online gambling. With the vast amount of casino bonuses, promos, and codes, people can try out for free many of the games that these sites offer.

You can watch the whole presentation in the video below.


Belize Airports Analysis

Belize City (BZE) – The primary international airport of Belize is called The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, and it is located 10 miles from the largest city, Belize City. PGIA is the airport where all the international flights arrive. It is a modern airport with full equipment. Overnight parking is also available at the main Belize Airport.
Belize City Municipal (TZA) – This is a national airport for domestic flights to and from the largest cities in the country.

There are also local airlines such as Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. The abbreviations (TA and MIA) are more commonly used. offers you a list of the airports which are providing services by TA and MIA.

San Pedro (SPR)
Caye Caulker (CUK)
Corozal (CZH)
Dangriga (DGA)
Placencia (PLJ)
Punda Gorda (PND)
Belmopan (BCV)
Orange Walk (ORZ).

In the Graph below are shown the results from the Belize’s top 12 airports analysis, monthly one-way seat capacity in S17.

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