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Belize’s Top Country Markets Analysis

Belize is a country with small enterprise economy, primarily focused on agriculture. The agriculture and agribusiness are an important part of Belize’s economy, thanks to the Belize population grow rate. Belize is on the 166th place on the list for exporting economies in the world. Statistical Institute of Belize shares that the year of 2016 was of huge significance for Belize, when the country exported $439M, and imported $1.08B, which contributes to the GDP of Belize.
Statistics Belize gives you the top exports of Belize, which are Raw Sugar, Bananas, Fruit Juice, Raw Tobacco and Crustaceans, while the top export destinations are the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Burma. We must tell that has become one of our most valuable partner that helps us to get in touch with many new export destinations worldwide.
The top imports are Refined Petroleum, Rolled Tobacco, Telephones, Delivery Trucks and Trunks and Cases, while the top import destinations are the United States, Mexico, China, Guatemala and Curaçao.

In this Graph are shown the results from the Belize’s Top Country Market Analysis and Belize Statistics.

Belize's top Country Markets Analysis

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Belize GDP (Gross Domestic Product) 3rd Quarter Statistics

Presentation of the Statistics of Gross Domestic Product – GDP of Belize in 3rd Quarter this year. As you can see from the presentation the results from the statistics point to increase of the GDP of Belize in the last three years. A remarkable factor that added to the GDP of Belize is the gambling industry that has seen a rise in prominence in the previous year. Many foreign operated businesses have migrated their operations to our country, and it comes as no surprise that many Belizeans have taken up online gambling. With the vast amount of casino bonuses, promos, and codes, people can try out for free many of the games that these sites offer.

You can watch the whole presentation in the video below.


Statistical Institute of Belize

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